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Neck Exercises Bodybuilding full guide

Strong necks are essential for collision athletes such as footballers and boxers, and they also aid in injury prevention.

Beginning neck training should be done gradually and correctly. That is why it is suggested, to begin with, adequate stretching first; doing so will prepare your body for weight resistance training, while simultaneously strengthening the neck muscles.


Neck exercises in bodybuilding are an excellent way to build strong and muscular upper traps. These muscles support the head while aiding in good posture.

Many people overlook neck training out of habit, yet it is more important than you might think. A weak neck draws attention away from an attractive physique, while a strong one adds width to your upper body and creates a better overall aesthetic.

If you want a thicker neck, the sternocleidomastoid is your go-to muscle for creating that look. This large two-headed muscle can easily be targeted through any neck exercise that stimulates it.

Neck flexions (chin to chest) are an effective way to target the sternocleidomastoid muscle, while lateral flexions (head toward a shoulder) target the other side of the neck. You can add resistance by holding onto something such as a towel or wall while performing these exercises for added benefit.


Bodybuilders often prize a well-developed neck as an asset, as it makes you appear larger and bulkier - exactly what most bodybuilders strive for.

However, building a thick neck isn't as straightforward as it might appear. You need to understand the mechanics of this area and how to steer clear of potential mistakes that could lead to injury.

Beyond protecting against neck injuries, thicker necks also create more balance and proportion in your frame. That's why it's so essential to get this part of your physique correct!

Bodybuilders often perform the lat pulldown as a neck exercise. This exercise works the front delts and lats while also engaging the rear shoulder and biceps muscles.

Neck bridges

The neck is an essential muscle in your body. Not only does it provide protection, stability, and posture, but it also aids in developing symmetry.

Bodybuilders and athletes must ensure their necks are strong to protect them against whiplash injuries caused by contact sports such as football, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and MMA. With a strong neck comes immense benefits for bodybuilding and athletic endeavors alike!

The neck is composed of several muscles that work together to support head position and posture, so it is essential to train them individually. The trapezius, sternocleidomastoid, longissimus, semispinalis, and splenius capitis all play an essential role in proper head extension as well as cervical vertebra flexion.

Due to their slow-twitch nature, these muscles can become fatigued quickly if not used properly. Therefore, it's wise to begin slowly and increase intensity as you gain strength; this helps avoid any muscle growth plateaus that may arise along the way.


Chin-ups are an effective back and biceps workout that targets multiple muscle groups. Furthermore, they increase strength while building muscle mass.

Chin-ups differ from pull-ups in that they require an underhand grip (palms facing toward you). You can start by keeping your hands no further apart than shoulder width, then gradually increase the difficulty by going wider.

The chin-up is an ideal alternative to the classic pull-up exercise because it's easier for most lifters. Furthermore, this move works more on the shoulders and biceps than its more challenging counterpart, making it a beneficial addition to any program.

Chin-ups not only target your biceps, but they also strengthen other muscles such as lats, rear delts, infraspinatus, mid-to-lower traps, teres major and erector spinae. Furthermore, it works on pecs, obliques, rhomboids and forearms.